Fernando Saiz Camarero

Digital Marketer with Strong Technical Skills

Hometown Burgos (Spain) Living in BarcelonaLived in Dublin Master in Digital and Direct Marketing at Universitat Pompeu FabraInterests:
  • Martech
  • Startups
  • Digital Products
  • Online Marketing
  • UI/UX
  • Ecommerce
  • Data & Information Retrieval
  • IoT
  • Design
  • Web
  • Social Media
  • Consumer Internet
  • Retail Technology
  • Finance
  • ✷ Space
  • Σ Science

Featured Works

I am passionate about people, technology, business and the way these three things interact together:

This short presentation best represents what I like doing. Starting from desktop applications to Software as Service, through web design.

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Lowcost Business Intelligence platform (BETA)


Intelligius Intelligius is a lowcost market research SaaS platform. This web based solution is able to generate simple and intuitive business intelligence reports easy to understand by SMEs managers.

  • New
  • LAMP

Search engine technology for torrent files


IntelligiusAt four months reached more than 120,000 files indexed and 50,000 users. Unfortunately a french organization called 'Société Civile des Producteurs Phonographiques' forced to cease the activity. [Final review - Spanish]

  • 2005
  • LAMP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS
  • UI Desktop App

A Youtube Desktop Pack

YoutubeCrazyVideos (v1 & v2)

IntelligiusThis is a top rated desktop pack that improved the Youtube experience. It brings the Youtube Webservice into a local native application. Was very Popular & succesfully reviewed in most valuated popular tech websites

  • 2006
  • 2007
  • LAMP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS
  • UI Desktop App

Creative Logo Design

5 Quick n Easy Snacks

search congress barcelonasearch congress valenciamecagoenmitrabajogigikibearbeat

Complete Web Development

  • all rankings
  • all rankings

Inspiration Talk (Webcongress Barcelona 2011)

"An app in six steps" (Spanish)

  • 1. Start point
  • 2. App naming
  • 3. Usability
  • 4. User experience
  • 5. Developement
  • 6. Online marketing tricks

Experience on Start-up Businesses difficulties

CTO at List & Ranks

Rankswers was an all-rankings spin-off. It was a low-cost online market research platform.


His character and intelligence make him indispensable in any digital project, from initial conception to project management. He moves in total harmony between technology and business.

Ignasi Prat

Lists&Ranks Co-founder

Many Fernandos made history and I'm pretty sure this one will too. He's able to develop any project, he has strong knowledge. He understands, he tries, he works and he get things done! Zuckerberg used to say "Done is better than perfect" What about done in time ? Fernando helped SearchCongress grow, improve and impress, we thank him.

Ouali Benmeziane

Search Congress & Webcongress founder

Fernando is a well trained multitask worker with excellent communication skills which make him a great team worker. His way of interacting with the team has brought more confidence and a wide variety of new ideas. Would be glad to recommend him to any company.

Manuel Rodriguez

Qualitycourses Co-founder


  • Top 10 rated by softonic.com users
  • Listed in mashable
  • Reviewed world wide
  • 1000k Users
  • Supporting branding campaings
  • BBVA Open Talent finalists

Extended Interests

Tech Angel

Contributing with skills & knowledge as a flexible choice to invest in newly created companies. (Equity-based Rewards)

Digital goods

Strongly interested in companies which develop, publish or deliver goods in electronic format.

Boost business

Helping startups and traditional businesses conquer new markets and territories using eCommerce.

Service design

Develop effective engaging design solutions to improve the online, offline and in-store experience.

Growth Hacking

Using an hybrid role of marketer and coder, to reach the desired growing rate. (Technical role)

Analytics & Reporting

Reach goals by collecting, measuring, evaluating and understanding relevant business data.





Intelligius is a boutique (non-conventional) strategy & e-commerce studio.


  1. Mar182016Guest lecturer

    Extreme Growth Hacking

    Technocampus — Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

  2. Mar172015Guest lecturer

    Extreme Growth Hacking

    Technocampus — Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

  3. Nov152013Mentor

    Startup Weekend: Global Startup Battle 2013

    Candidate mentoring — Burgos

  4. May 22 2013 Speaker

    Jornadas “Up-TO-DATE” Universidad de Burgos

    Round table: Challenges as an entrepreneur — Burgos

  5. Nov 9 2012 Mentor

    Startup Weekend: Global Startup Battle 2012

    Candidate mentoring — Burgos

  6. May 20 2012 Visitor

    European Space Agency TTPO

    Technology Transfer Programme — Noordwijk

  7. Dec 1 2011 Attendee

    WebCongress Madrid 2011

    SEM, SEO, Analytics, SMO, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing — Madrid

  8. Sep 29 2011 Attendee

    WebCongress Bilbao 2011

    SEO, SEM, Analytics, Email marketing, Facebook Apps — Zamudio

  9. Mar 1 2011 Attendee Staff

    WebCongress + Search Congress + EcommRetail 2011

    Webtrends, SEO, SEM, SMM, Analytics, E-commerce — Barcelona

  10. Nov 4 2010 Attendee

    Bankinter Innovation foundation: Cloud Computing

    Opportunities raised by cloud computing to business. — Barcelona

  11. Jan 28 2010 Attendee

    Search Congress Bilbao 2010

    SEO, SEM, SMM, Analytics, Web optimization. — Bilbao

  12. Oct 16 2009 Selected candidate (List & Ranks)


    Investment forum for Innovative Companies — Madrid

  13. Oct 6 2009 Selected candidate (List & Ranks)

    JEI Startup (6 - 8 October)

    Training and mentoring by top successful entrepreneurs — Zaragoza

  14. Mar 5 2009 Attendee

    Asian economies: Japan, India, and China

    As a source of opportunities and new management models — Burgos

  15. Jan 28 2009 Staff

    Search Congress Barcelona 2009

    Google Adwords, Analytics, Persuadability, SEM, SEO, SMO — Barcelona

  16. Nov 20 2008 Attendee

    XI Congreso de economía regional. Castilla y León

    Business, University & PS. The challenges of a global economy — Burgos


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